Pro PC Cleaner

Designed to result in a Cleaner and Faster PC!

We believe you'll love how Pro PC Cleaner affects your PC.

Easy to use!

Our developers made it effective and easy-to-use for all levels of computer users.

PC Optimization

Pro PC Cleaner identifies and fixes registry issues, corrupted files, memory problems, startup lags, and system issues.

Faster System

Designed to improve your speed for more enjoyable use while downloading, uploading, streaming, and browsing!

Reduce Windows Registry Issues

Your Windows registry is the central communication hub for your system, but it can become bogged down with outdated messages and files.

Clean Your System

With our user friendly interface, you can view all the duplicate files, error message, and other junk that may be slowing down your system, then remove what you want to remove.

Clean Up Your Past

Eliminate useless duplicate files and old data. Auto-scans help you reduce junk going forward, too!

Because Time is Money

We hope you save time and money with Pro PC Cleaner.