About Us

A Passion for Computers

Like many great ideas, Pro PC Cleaner sprang directly out of a passion we developed as kids. It began with a bunch of young guys who had developed an early passion for computers, technology, software, and programming. Some might say we were geeks. We would prefer to say that we were way ahead of our time. Order a few boxes of pizza and some cases of coca-cola, and wouldn’t stop programming for days. Initially, this was out of the fun and curiosity we experienced in playing with command-based systems and creating games and images. We are grateful that we were forced to learn computers from the most fundamental systems.

But we later applied that passion to address a specific need that we saw amongst family members and friends. We developed our first optimization program after a friend experienced a crash while finishing a term paper. After listening to the horror stories of other people who had experienced the same crisis on those bogged-down, sluggish library computers, we felt the need to help them. We better understood the plight of computer users who were not as versed in computer systems and technology. We began to create user-friendly software programs that would help prevent crashes, freezes, slow-running computers, and slow startups. We initially shared these programs with our family members and friends.

We have since evolved into mature a company called Rainmaker Software Group, although we still rely on pizza and caffeine as a central component to our programming days. But our objective in offering Pro PC Cleaner remains the same: keep researching our passion for computers and the problems that users experience, and maintaining the most effective and user-friendly PC Optimization product available on the market. We hire people who share our passions. We hope if you have any questions or feedback you will contact us!

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